Top 5 Content Marketing Trends of 2017

13 Mar 2017 Blog

Remember the days when catalog shopping was the buzz? Purchasing clothes, electronics and even furniture; all by flipping through a few pages of a book. Times have changed drastically now with the digital world almost completely eclipsing the simplicity of man; everything, these days, can be found on the marvel that we call, the Internet. And since everything has a relation to the web these days, the need for effective marketing gets called to action. Digital marketing is a giant industry in today’s world and Content Marketing plays an equally giant role within that realm. Suitable content marketing can tip the scales of your business, from success to total bust. So, when content marketing is such a vital component to the businesses of today, staying up to date with its trends is essential, if not critical. We are here to help you with that! Listed below are the 5 latest most influential trends in content marketing; to not just keep your business afloat, but to help it steam ahead.

  1. Creating user-friendly content in bulkThe online user community is ever increasing; this also increases the amount of content consumed, drastically. Over the years, millions of businesses have capitalized on this by churning out content paired with effective content marketing. More to the point, 70% of B2B marketers have set themselves to producing a greater amount of content in 2017. But keep in mind, content cannot win alone; it is important to pair it in the right context. Google has advanced light years in recent times with new bots being able to spot content that is relevant and content aimed at optimizing SEO. There is no getting around it so relevant content is a must! Also, marketing your content in the intended context pulls in a greater audience.
  2. Influencer MarketingInfluencer Marketing has existed in the past with companies reaching out to celebrities to endorse their products. This strategy has worked out well in the past but it does have a downfall; the costs. Buying the time of a celebrity does not come cheap. That’s where 2017 makes a revolutionary discovery; Micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are small, but trusted, authorities that businesses reach out to; they ask these people to review their products on their blogs, social media platforms and other online channels. Micro-influencing seems to be the next up and coming content marketing trend that is sure to stick.
  3. Personalize your ContentAdding your flair to your content will target a specific section of your audience and will resonate with them well. Many businesses use analytics to help with the segregation of their audience, to create more targeted content. Although, this process doesn’t have to be so technical. Anyone can churn out targeted content by relating to at least one common factor with a section of your audience. For example, using the location tag or hashtag features on social media is a great start to targeted marketing that doesn’t require a highly technical approach.
  4. Video MarketingUsing visual aids to market your content is no new feat. Businesses, small and big, have been doing it for years, even decades now, with great results; because why not? Humans are visual creatures and visual aids help us focus better. However, that focus is what matters. If the focal point of your video marketing campaign is not your product or if the whole project isn’t engaging at all to even have a focal point, then you’re in trouble. Video marketing is tricky; it is about producing eye-catching, engaging content coupled with the right ideas. Without the right ideas, your video marketing campaign will never take off.
  5. Talk on Social MediaThe era of the newspaper is dying in today’s world as everyone has transitioned to receiving their news, on the go, through social media platforms. Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are the biggest in third party applications to provide news to the public. This is a boon in business terms; there is nothing easier than marketing your content on social media. If there is news within your business about a new product or a grand new innovation, make sure it is being talked about on social media. This will be your biggest, most widest platform to get through to the audience you want.
    Digital Marketing is and always will be a wave of change. It will change tomorrow, the day after that and the year after that. There is no stopping it. The only way to keep up, is to ride the wave through. Follow these 5 trends to keep your business afloat!