Influencer Marketing; Here’s why you need it!

30 Mar 2017 Blog

The world has changed pace today with almost the entire human population being connected on social media. This connection breaks fences and brings about a sense of unity and empathy. In the business field, this connection is what started a brand-new revolution in content advertising; Influencer Marketing. Consumers now depend on other consumers to educate them of the right purchases. Rather than taking an interest in the opinions of other organizations, as they did previously, they now take a gander at each other and at their most loved social media influencers, who amass vast followings on media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and many more.

In the minds of forward thinking marketers, rising stars in social media make ideal candidates to be marketing influencers, thereby, creating a universe of potentially beneficial outcomes. It opens up another channel for brands to associate with customers all the more straightforwardly, more naturally, and at scale. Through well targeted social media identities, brands can clarify their message while alluring their intended interest group.

Influencer marketing is based on a lot of trust between two or more parties and that is why it is still a relatively unknown revelation. People are not ready to invest in small time social media identities without the guarantee of an ROI. We are here to tell you that influencer marketing is the future of effective digital advertising; and here are 10 reasons why you should believe us.

  1. It is highly InfluentialWord of mouth is the most effective marketing tool till date. It provides an air of trust and security, feelings that people want to experience before making a purchase. A recent study showed that “marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouthgenerates more than twice the sales of paid advertising.” And of those that were obtained through informal exchange of words had a 37 percent higher degree of consistency.
  2. It is SocialOnline networking isn’t only another option to customary media—it’s turning the conventional model on its head. Customarily, buyers settled on choices considering the advertisements that they saw or listened to. Today, it’s less demanding to interact with different buyers through online networking and settle on better choices by finding out about their level of satisfaction with an item.
    Consumers today turn a blind eye to traditional ads listing out the benefits of a product. They want the brand to converse with them, in a personal manner. If businesses partner with the apt online identities, they can create a buzz on social media about their product.
  3. It’s BrilliantConducting business with influencers and trendsetters will impart to the market that your brand might just be the next big trend. Also, you can repurpose the content created by them to inspire your current clients.
  4. It’s Up and ComingOver the past year, influencer marketing has become a worldwide sensation with even Forbes magazine recognizing the benefits.
  5. It is an ArbitrageAn arbitrage exists when something is being offered for less than its true worth. If you purchase this good, you will receive it at a reduced cost since the good’s real value is more prominent than its market cost. Lying in between the good’s market cost and actual value is your profit. To put it plainly, it is a chance to make huge benefits with minimal exertion.
    Influencer Marketing at the moment is classified as an arbitrage. The services of social media influencers are selling for much lower that their actual worth. This means that if you are one of the few marketers running influencer campaigns now, you can expect huge ROIs.
  6. Rising CostsThe disadvantage of arbitrages is that it doesn’t last for a very long time. Once marketers catch on to this phenomenon and begin investing, the arbitrage will soon close, thereby drying up everyone’s ROI. For maximum profit today, invest in influencer marketers now!
  7. Paid Ads are a painPeople on social media are exposed to over 5000 advertisements per day. The fact that we can’t remember a huge chunk of that statistic is scary to marketers running advertising campaigns as consumers are now turning a blind eye to traditional ads. This is why influencer marketing is definitely the way to go; it’s a fresh new approach to marketing and the public is responding well!
  8. Native AdvertisingAs opposed to conventional publicizing, which intrudes on the purchaser experience, native advertising places brands and items inside organic content, making viewing ads a more pleasurable affair for consumers and an all more capable marketing answer for brands.
  9. Helps with SEO OptimizationAlong with building your image and enhancing your business numbers, influencer marketing additionally helps you with SEO optimization. The more individuals specify your brand via web-based networking media, the more well-known and pertinent you will be on Google.
  10. Targeting and Tracking Enabled

In the olden days, advertisers had minimal amount of information to go on to advertise their products. However, today in the digital world, analytics help us monitor every social media share and like, aiding your brand in segregating the audience and presenting targeted content; which in turn, brings about a greater buzz for your product.